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Complicated: A to Z of Modern Women's Fiqh

or so they say...
The number one most complicated matter in regards to women is the Fiqh of Women.

But it doesn’t have to be.

in a step towards empowering Muslim women and uncomplicating matters surrounding them, AlMaghrib Institute is introducing a well-deserved and long-awaited seminar dedicated to the Muslim Woman.

COMPLICATED? A-Z of Women’s Modern Fiqh

Taught by none other than AlMaghrib’s Vice President, 


If you educate a man, you educate an individual but if you
educate a woman, you educate a nation
African Proverb


In recent times, there have been questions raised from within and without in regards to the status of women in Islam, raising doubts and complicating matters for both men and women. Issues pertaining to:

1. Public speaking
2. Socialization and interaction with the community
3. Niqaab and Hijaab
4. Beautification and modesty (hayaa)
5. Character and etiquette
6. Menstruation and purification
7. Leading in Salaah and making the Adhaan
8. Following the Janazah and visiting the graves
9. Zakah and Sadaqah
10. Polygamy, marriage and divorce
11. And many more…



There was a time when the most knowledgeable in Islamic sciences were the women of the community. Aisha (radia Allahu anha) held classes to teach the Sahaba and Tabi’un. Many of our renowned scholars of the past, such as Ibn Taymiyyah, were also taught by women. It has only been in recent times that we’ve witnessed a regression in this pattern. It’s time to change the way we think and empower the women of our communities with the skill and knowledge to stand up in the name of women.

Complicated?: A-Z of Women’s Modern Fiqh is designed with these goals in mind:

  1. To educate both men and women and develop an understanding of Islamic rulings related to women in Islam, especially in a modern context
  2. To foster in the Muslim woman pride in her religion, and to emphasize the importance of the role of women in the Sharee’ah.
  3. To strengthen the relationship of Muslim women with their Lord
  4. To empower Muslim women to take on leadership positions in our society


The Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wassalam) said: “Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim” [AlBayhaqi]



This class is not only crucial for every woman, but every man as well.


Men and women are interdependent, sharing this world with a mother, wife, daughter, sister, or aunt. Men also interact daily with female colleagues, neighbours or classmates.

Why should a man take this class?

1. Content is related in the MODERN context
2. Key to understanding women and appreciating what they face
3. Handle Fiqh issues in an Islamic and wise way
4. Gain the complete view as a student of knowledge

The Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wassalam) said: “Whoever has three daughters or sisters, or two daughters of two sisters, and lives along with them in a good manner, and has patience with them, and fears Allah with regard to them will enter Paradise” 

[Abu Dawud, Al-Tirmidhee, and others]

“…the popularity of Shaykh Waleed's way of teaching is reaching far out, seven seas apart”Umm Reem



Until now, we’ve heard the loud voices of the ultra-conservative and the extreme liberal. On one hand, women are restricted and on the other hand, they are exposed.

Complicated?: A-Z of Women’s Modern Fiqh not only uncomplicates matters but also strikes the balance between the far left and far right. Both men and women will develop the skills and knowledge to refute the unfounded claims of both sides with confidence and wisdom.

“SubhanAllah, when Shaykh Waleed teaches any course you know that you are in for a great weekend. The way he is able to simplify a complicated subject by giving numerous scenarios and examples is one of the things that I love about his teaching style.” --Mohammad Ouyoun, Chicago IL



  1. In preparation for this class, Sh Waleed consulted a female student committee who researched and compiled an extensive list of pressing issues women face in today’s society. 
  2. Sh Waleed has years of experience as a counselor, assisting women in cases ranging from personal development to divorce and abuse.
  3. Sh Waleed Basyouni has Bachelor’s in Islamic Sciences with an in depth knowledge of Fiqh along with Ijaazahs in numerous books of Hadeeth awarded by various scholars. Sh Waleed also obtained a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Theology. 
  4. Shaykh Waleed is a member of the North American Imam Fedaration (NAIF), Assembly of Muslim Jurists (AMJA)-Fatwa & Research Committee, and Advisor to numerous Islamic Societies/Organizations around the US.
  5. Sh Waleed has made it a personal goal to empower women and to educate men in regards to women with this seminar Complicated?: A-Z in Women’s Modern Fiqh.


Last Seminar

Date: May 17-19

Instructor: Sh. Waleed Basyouni

Weekend(s): Single Weekend Seminar 

Location: Muslim Center of New York

Course Instructor

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, PhD, is the Vice President of AlMaghrib Institute and the Head of our Aqeedah and Adab Department. Students know him well for his sincere care for their well-being and progress in studying. 

He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Islamic Sciences from Al-Imam Muhammad University, KSA; did his Masters in Islamic Theology, World Religions and Modern Religious Sects from Al-Imam Muhammad University; and acquired a Doctorate in Theology. He studied under great scholars of our time such as Shaykh Ibn Baz, Abdul-Razzaq Afify and others.

What Students Say about Waleed Basyouni:

Haneen Hammad from Bay Area, CA

"Sh. Waleed is such an inspiring speaker mashaAllah." 

Mahnoor Khan from Calgary, AB
"Sh Waleed is a wonderful teacher with sooo much knowledge masha Allah!" 

Nadia Khan from Birmingham, UK
"Shaykh Waleed's method of teaching is very unique and mashallah very effective." 

Mohammad Ouyoun from Chicago, IL
"SubhanAllah, when Sheikh Waleed teaches any course you know that you are in for great two weekends."  

Umm Reem (location unknown)
"…the popularity of shaikh waleed's way of teaching is reaching far out, seven seas apart to another continent."  

Suzanne Khazaal from Southern California
"…Masha'allah people are still saying great things about you since Rays of Faith. You are truly awesome in every respect…" 

Tahsan from Naperville
"Sheikh Waleed left an impact on the heart that few have the ability to do." 

Khafayah from Surrey, UK
"He is the most humble Shaykh I have ever met – we still have plenty to learn from Shaykh Waleed and all our Shaykhs." 

Najwa from Manchester, UK
"Shaykh Waleed is a truly wonderful gifted teacher MashaAllah."

Unknown from London, UK
"The deliverence the Sheikh gave was excellent, the interactivity, the structure of the class - all of it was amazing."

Maryam from Croydon, UK
"Sheikh Waleed is such an awesome ustadh, the way he constructs the lessons and made them."

Nadia Khan, Birminham UK
"Shaykh Waleed's method of teaching is very unique and mashallah very effective."


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