Qabeelat Tayybah

New York Chapter of Al Maghrib

Help out the students of knowledge!

You have the chance to invest in a perpetual amount of blessings by making it easier on the students of knowledge. Imagine the amount of reward you'll be getting just because your contributions gave someone the chance to do a good deed. For every good act they commit, they get reward for it and so do YOU.

You have the option of contributing to one out of two kinds of Funds:

1) The Scholarship Funds: Support students that are unable to afford the seminar. 

2) The General Funds: Support the Qabeelah and its volunteers in improving the learning experience of the students and in improving the teaching experience of the instructor(i.e providing quality presentations with exceptional audio and visual equipment, snacks and refreshments for students and the instructor, etc.)

May your good deeds of facilitating the path of knowledge weigh heavy on the Day of Judgement!